A perfectly prepared steak depends above all on three factors: the quality of the meat, a perfect cooking temperature and a crust that gives the meat the requisite roasted aromas. The latter play a special role because it is precisely those flavours that create the lingering after-taste of a great steak experience. The browning process on the surface of the meat is due to the Maillard reaction, which creates new amino acid compounds that in turn provide a rich, pleasant flavour.

For the Maillard reaction to take place in the best possible way, temperatures of 150 degrees Celsius and higher are necessary on the surface of the meat. However, this can only be achieved if the water evaporates quickly and there is no simmering "buffer layer" between the heat source and the meat. The Blazing Zone from Outdoorchef was designed to ensure this. Thanks to its stainless steel and ceramic construction combined with powerful gas burners, it can generate temperatures of 900 degrees Celsius – searing those desirable dark-brown roasting marks onto the meat in a matter of seconds. Watch our video to see how it works in practice.